ALIGN® Radial Head System

ALIGN® the radial head to the axis of forearm rotation

A monoblock implant customized to mimic the patient’s natural anatomy

ALIGN® Rotation Diagram

Adjust 10º in any direction then lock construct with head locking screw

Guide aligns implant to the axis of forearm rotation

ALIGN Radial Head

Monoblock Spacer

360º Construct Rotation

(Drag to rotate)

PUBLISHED CLINICAL DATA: Pertierra G, Vernon LL, Rubio F. (2018) Midterm Results of an Anatomical Radial Head Arthroplasty for Treating Fractures and Degenerative Joint Diseases of the Radial Head.  Univ New Mexico Ortho Res J, 7(1): 61-66. ISSN: 2167-4760