Skeletal Dynamics was founded in 2007 with the goal of understanding the clinical challenges of upper extremity surgery and providing innovative, science-based solutions to solve unmet clinical needs.

The upper extremity surgeon’s vision, clinical perspective, and patient-needs guide all our decisions. Our mission is to become the premier upper extremity company on the planet. At Skeletal Dynamics, we maintain a laser focus on four key areas, our “pillars”, to better understand and serve the upper extremity surgeon and patient.

Exclusively Upper Extremity

Skeletal Dynamics is proud to be the only medical device company solely focused on the upper extremity. This aligns us with the upper extremity and trauma specialists we support and allows us to dedicate 100% of our resources to supporting the upper extremity sub-specialty, and only this sub-specialty.

Innovation Based on Science

Our development process is led by visionary, highly tenured, practicing surgeons who understand the daily clinical challenges of their peers. Our engineering teams take direction from these surgeons through a constantly iterative process, producing the surgeon’s solution to unmet clinical needs. Our designs are truly surgeon driven and supported by engineering, not the other way around.

World-Class Education

We believe in the value of education and understand practicing and aspiring surgeons require flexible robust learning platforms. To support these needs, we offer a varied format of programs including internationally attended Surgeon Summits, local and regional lab training, opportunities for live case observation, peer to peer cadaveric training and grand round support.

Trusted Service

Skeletal Dynamics selects distributors based on the individual’s integrity, clinical knowledge, and industry experience. Our goal is to provide a dedicated, reliable and trusted resource who understands your surgical needs and skillfully supports the pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative cycle.