Anatomic Lab Technician II

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Miami, FL
Posted 1 month ago

A Skeletal Dynamics Anatomic Lab Technician II is a friendly, enthusiastic individual who excels at and enjoys providing a high level of service to our internal and external customers.  The Anatomic Lab Technician II must be able to multitask, be detail oriented and possess excellent interpersonal skills. In this role, the Anatomic Lab Technician II is responsible for assisting in all education initiatives and works closely with other members of the education, sales and marketing department and our network of independent field sales organization. The Anatomic Lab Technician II must be willing and able to work in a fast-pace environment.  He or she must be able to work independently and prioritize job duties.

The Anatomic Lab Technician II provides support and technical assistance for internal and external surgical training labs. Supports employee training, customer training and new product validations for optimum efficiency and educational experience. Collects and sorts contaminated product and instruments for decontamination.

Cleans, repackages, and sterilizes product, instruments, and equipment according to procedures. Ensures specialty equipment is stocked and ready for immediate use. Maintains inventory and facilities shipment of product, supplies and equipment to off-site labs as requested. Ensures proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as well as radiation badges are provided for internal and external training labs. Orders, manages, inventories and returns cadaveric specimens.


  • Manage all lab requests, lab calendar and invitations via Microsoft Outlook.
  • Coordinate inventory orders and restocking including PPE, lab supplies, instruments, and scrubs
    • General surgical instrumentation
    • Power systems (drills, saws)
    • Batteries & charging devices
    • PPE’s (scrubs, gowns, gloves, head gear, shoe covers, eye protection)
    • Disposable other (chucks, towels, drapes, tapes, coban, scalpels)
    • Cleaning & disinfectant supplies
  • Prepare, set-up, and tear down lab stations for onsite and if needed offsite lab event/workshops
  • Pre-lab responsibilities
    • Prepare workstations as necessary (draping, general instruments, disposables, power instruments, product specific instrumentation)
    • Specimen preparation (thaw, prep, Fx as necessary)
    • Clean trash receptacles
    • Available PPE’s
    • Fluoroscopy availability/Maintenance
    • A/V functionally inspected and tested
  • Post-lab responsibilities
    • Collect all reusable items and instrumentation for sorting
    • Specimen processing:
      • Explant all implantable devices
      • Double wrap and Label usable specimens (product used / date used)
      • Store in designated freezer locations
    • Break down workstations (process all contaminated “disposable items”)
    • Clean, disinfect & sterilize all reusable instrumentation and implantable devices
    • Effectively INSPECT ALL implants and instrumentation for serviceability
    • Clean & disinfect all working surfaces
    • Empty trash receptacles & biohazard materials and dispose appropriately
    • Prep facility for future use (tables, chairs, A/V station & equipment, locker / storage room)
  • Clinical Experience Center (CEC) Maintenance
    • Serviceability of tables, chairs, mechanical / electrical items
    • Maintain “clean surfaces” (tables, benches, flooring)
    • Locker room / storage management
  • Off-Site/Regional Labs
    • Prepare disposables, PPE’s, general & power instrumentation
    • Provide appropriate biohazard materials and cleansers
    • Prepare, inspect, inventory all product systems trays
    • Effectively pack all items for shipment to ensure equipment safety & serviceability
    • Capture and document asset allocations to ensure timely returns
    • Process product systems trays per Post-Lab guidelines upon return
  • Coordinate incoming shipments of supplies and/or tissue being returned from surgeon education workshops with freight company
  • Manage General Lab Materials/Instrumentation/Specimen Maintenance
    • Maintain proper inventory levels (TBD)
    • Test & inspect for serviceability
    • Schedule maintenance / replace instrumentation as needed
    • Perform periodic inspections for power operated devices and accessories
    • Effectively track assets to ensure location and availability of instrumentation
  • Product Specific Implants & Instrumentation
    • Maintain proper set configuration levels
    • Ensure serviceability of respective product trays
    • Effectively track assets to ensure location and availability of instrumentation
  • Stocking Levels
    • Track usage of all inventories (implants, instruments, disposables, reusable, cleaners, PPE)
    • Document and place replenishment levels as needed
    • Establish / maintain inventory locations & levels
  • Specimen Levels
    • Ensure traceability of all specimens
    • Maintain proper documentation for specimen usage
    • Process specimens appropriately (disposal, re-use, repurpose)
    • Receive specimen deliveries and process accordingly
  • Complete all required documentation and maintain all records, excel trackers and forms updated.
  • Work with Field Marketing Managers, R&D, and Education Team to ensure that all necessary product, agenda and lab information has been procured prior to the educational event when applicable
  • Verify all appropriate documentation is present with tissue upon receiving it from the vendor.
  • Perform weekly lab cleaning


  • Proficient with Microsoft outlook & excel
  • Must be capable of lifting ~ 50lbs and to assist in special projects as needed

EXPECTED TRAVEL: 5% Travel Required

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