Case Report Series

Journal of Trauma Case Report Series

Skeletal Dynamics is proud to sponsor the JOT Distal Elbow Trauma Case Report Series. Utilize the links below to view each subject matter expert’s individual case report.

Terrible Triad Elbow Fracture-Dislocation With a Significant Coronoid Fracture

Francisco Rubio, MD
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Simple Elbow Dislocation in Patients With High Body Mass Index

Deana Mercer, MD and Allicia O. Imada, MD
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Managing a Terrible Triad With Concomitant Posteromedial Rotatory Instability: A Surgical Case Study

Jorge L. Orbay, MD, Menar Wahood, DO, and Gabriel Pertierra, MS
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Treatment of Chronic Unreduced Posterior Elbow Dislocation With an Internal Joint Stabilizer

Evan S. Fene, MD, Ishvinder S. Grewal, MBBS, John L. Eakin, MD, and Adam J. Starr, MD
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Humeral Plate Augmentation of an Elbow Internal Joint Stabilizer

Kendrick Khoo, MD, Kamran Movassaghi, MD, MS, and Nathan Hoekzema, MD
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